Be a part of Michael’s “Street Team”!!!

One very special woman (other than my Mother, of course!) who has supported me since I began performing – at 15 years old – is my good friend, Terri Rizzo.  No matter where I perform, Terri is always the first person to grab her ticket and I know I can always find her in the front row of my shows cheering me on and singing along!!

Terri has been working closely with me and my team and we are super excited to announce that she will be heading an initiative to offer you concert ticket discounts, special free downloads, meet-and-greets before and after shows, and an opportunity to be the first to know and check out what’s going on with me.

If you are interested in becoming part of my “Street Team”, please contact Terri Rizzo at

The first ‘meet-and-greet’ Terri is planning is after my show at the Illuminaqua Festival on August 3rd.  You are all invited to come to Sami’s Restaurant (87 East Main St. Welland, across the street from the Court House)
Approximate time: 10:30pm